MovieJuice! interviews the stars from the new Cameron Crowe movie “Almost Famous”

By Mark Ramsey | 2000/08/14

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Cameron Crowe is one of my very favorite writer/directors and a very cool guy.

Besides penning a terrific Q&A book with the great Billy Wilder, he’s the writer of the seminal Fast Times at Ridgemont High and writer/director of such modern classics as Say Anything, Singles, and, of course, Jerry Maguire. He doesn’t have a crap-producing bone in his body and his new movie, the semi-autobiographical Almost Famous, is no exception.

I’ll have more on Almost Famous later. For now, let’s just say: It’s very good!

I sat down recently with Cameron and some of his movie’s stars including, among others, the blisteringly captivating Kate Hudson who, as luck would have it, considers denim shirts and buttoned buttons to be bitter enemies. Trust me, Kate will be a star.

Yeah, I ask silly questions. But how many times can you ask “So how does it feel to work with blankety blank” before an actor’s head explodes. One of the guiding principles of MovieJuice! is this: Actors are people first, like you and me. They laugh at the same stuff we do. They’re lucky people second. And they’re movie stars third. In that order.

So download the new RealPlayer and enjoy (these segments are short)! These folks sure did. And send me your feedback.

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