A MovieJuice Interview : Matching Half-Wits with Bruce Campbell

By Mark Ramsey | 2003/11/17

Here’s Elvis in an East Texas nursing home. Here’s Ossie Davis, a fellow resident, who fancies himself to be President John F. Kennedy. These two codgers are our last best hope against an evil Egyptian entity who has chosen their long-term care facility as his happy hunting ground. If ever a movie sounds like it stars Bruce Campbell, Bubba Ho-Tep would be it.

brucecampbell.jpgBesides being the best-selling author of If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor, Campbell won “Best Actor” for his performance in this movie at the US Comedy Arts Film Festival, where Bubba Ho-Tep also took “Best Screenplay” honors.

Bruce is best known as the cheerfully unfortunate cult hero “Ash” from the Evil Dead series (which includes some of the best examples of horror-comedy ever).

The observant among you will also recognize Bruce from many feature film appearances, especially his roles in the movies of lifelong pal Sam Raimi, director of Darkman, Spiderman, Spiderman II, and other movies yet to be named after one kind of “man” or another.

So here are ten almost-questions with Bruce Campbell. And ten almost-answers. You won’t learn anything, but who cares. I’m not Diane Sawyer and Bruce is not Jessica Lynch.

1. Do you think at any time during your professional history and quite unbeknownst to you, Steven Spielberg may have whispered to himself: “Hmm, Bruce Campbell might be perfect for this role opposite Tom Cruise”?


2. Exactly how many ho’s are in Bubba Ho-Tep?

Just one.

3. Do you feel at all responsible for contributing to the common notion that one cannot be dead and anything but evil?


4. During your formative years, who would have been most likely to operate the filmstrip projector, you or Sam Raimi?

Tie, although he would insist on trying first.

5. Do you ever have trouble seeing your feet over your chin?

I have trouble seeing my feet, yes, but it’s because of my enormous genitals, not my chin.

6. What’s this I hear about the Ash character taking on Freddy and Jason? Ridiculous industry scuttlebutt or grain of truth?

It’s both. It’s a grain of a seed that has at least sprouted.

7. Has your wife ever done shameful things with your action figure?

Every night, with your boyfriend.

8. Ouch! Hey, fella, I’m straighter than all those roman numerals in your last crowd-pleaser! So would you consider yourself a B Actor or a Bea Arthur?

I would consider myself a B-Flat, because you’ve taken the C-sharp.

9. When I was a kid somebody tricked me into sitting on a tack. What’s the worst thing you ever sat on?

Cold, bare concrete – for hours. Nothing worse.

10. When Comedy and Drama are mixed, they call it “Dramady.” Why don’t they call it “Coma”?

Gosh, I never thought of that…


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