A.J. Benza hates MovieJuice

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/01/27

benza.jpgThe world is comprised of two kinds of people: The kind who Google for their name every five seconds and the rest of us (or – the rest of them in my case). A.J. Benza is in the former group.

A.J., you may but probably won’t recall, used to stride gallantly through a mysteriously omnipresent fog on E!’s old show “Mysteries and Scandals,” where you will learn more about Jon-Erik Hexum than the Good Lord ever intended.

Most recently he was featured in the ridiculous Rocky Balboa – and, as I wrote, he’s “visibly flexing his acting muscle, flaccid though it may be.”

Them’s fightin’ words to Benza! And he has come out of his corner swinging:

You’re way off on “Rocky Balboa.” The public has spoken and they apparently love it to the tune of $60 million or so. Too bad you couldn’t let go and just accept a sixth installment that made fans accept the rotten “Rocky V” if only because the heart-warming “Rocky Balboa” corrected everything. Come on, man. It’s a piece of Americana. Whatever the f**k you think or say…..Rocky went out like a champion.

Aj Benza

Now listen here, son.

Rocky Balboa, the last chapter nobody asked for, has so far grossed $91 Million. Rocky V, the last last chapter nobody asked for, grossed $120 Million – in 1990! So, in today’s dollars, Rocky V enjoyed double the gross of Rocky Balboa - even though they’re both pretty gross to me.

So don’t go on about how much fans love their Rocky while dissing the chapter that fans evidently loved twice as much, no matter how bad you think it is.

The first Rocky was rightly a “piece of Americana.” All succeeding Rocky’s lay somewhere on the three-dimensional scale of exploitation, greed, and career desperation.

And that is why Rocky Balboa is so terrible.

I only wish this was Sly “going out like a champion.” Something tells me Rocky will die only when residuals die. The only way I’m going to sit through another Rocky is if it also features Bullwinkle.

The funniest part about A.J.’s wacky note, is that he was so pissed he actually sent me another note – even though I hadn’t replied to the first! This guy hates my ever-living guts! More on that note later.

I’ll meet you in the ring, A.J.!

May the better former E! personality win!


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