Hate Mail: “I’m reporting you to AOL”

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/01/30


Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 5:00 PM

To: mramsey@moviejuice.com

Subject: Re: MovieJuice – THE HITCHER – Hitchcockeye

I told you people before this is a kid e-mail with parental controls and you seem to be breaking them I am reporting this to AOL.


Dear Disgruntled:

Oh yeah? Well, I’m reporting YOU to AOL!

For breaking all connection with reality! When it comes to parental control I suggest you start with control over your powers of observation which are most definitely on the wane.

Parental controls are dumb. So what’s your excuse?

I think what triggered them in this case was my exploration of the root words of the term “cocktail,” which I did quite without any context, dirty or otherwise.

As for AOL, will they make me stay late after school? Will they send me down to Guantanamo for a good waterboarding?

Or maybe they’ll do what a good parent should – read the offending material and decide that it’s harmless.

If I you and I can grow up watching an animated coyote get crushed by an anvil and blown up by TNT and not become spree shooters, then your offspring will survive the roots of “cocktail.”


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