A silly interview with Jacob Vargas, star of “The Hills Have Eyes 2″

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/03/16

hillshaveeyes2.jpgJacob Vargas is one of the stars of the new horror flick “The Hills Have Eyes 2.”

Thrill to this silly Q&A where Jacob and I discuss, among other things:

- How he would characterize his personal stink

- How it helps your career in Hollywood when your last name is “Craven”

- How Gary Coleman was mean to him on Diff'rent Strokes

- What is and isn't legal in Morocco – unless you're married

- Why they don’t make movies anymore without One Tree Hill actors

- The dangers of Minnie Driver

- The shocking truth of the friend we share on MySpace

- And as much more as you can fit into 20 minutes

Check out our chat…

MP3 File

…and go check out “The Hills Have Eyes 2” at the movies next weekend.


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