The Green Hornet stings the big screen

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/03/21

greenhornet.jpgColumbia Pictures has announced that they’re bringing 60′s TV non-classic the Green Hornet to the big screen causing the entire world to wonder in unison: “Can Petticoat Junction, the Movie be far behind?”

Said a Columbia spokesperson: “The Green Hornet is a newspaper publisher by day and a crime-fighter by night. And if it weren’t for CraigsList he wouldn’t need the part-time crime-fighting job.”

“With the help of a trenchcoat, a fedora, a mask, and some uncanny good looks, the Green Hornet is the scourge of every hood who has ever bet on the phillies at Santa Anita, aimed a pool cue, resembled Jack Klugman, or referred to his homey as ‘Mack’.”


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