New sidekick for Indiana Jones

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/04/14

edwina.jpgThe makers of the upcoming latest and unlikely-to-be-greatest chapter in the franchise that will not die even if Harrison Ford does have announced the new sidekick for Indiana Jones.

Yes, you have already heard about Shia LaBeouf. But you haven’t heard about the other new sidekick.

She is nurse’s aide Edwina Fentwhistle.

“My responsibilities include pacing Mr. Ford’s walker and cradling his colostomy bag as he battles the one foe more formidable than Nazis: Dementia.”

“My character is full of attitude and prescription pain-killers,” said Fentwhistle. “It’s my job to keep Indy on the straight and narrow and in a condo in Miami if at all possible.”

Added LeBeouf, “You call him Dr. Jones, doll!”

The new film, tentatively titled Indiana Jones and the Arthritic Condition of Doom, will creak into the handicapped seats in 2008.


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