Meet the new Hulk: Edward Norton

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/04/23

norton.jpgEd Norton will be the new Bruce Banner in another edition of The Incredible Hulk.

I know what you’re saying: Didn’t I already reject this movie? Why yes, yes you did. But this is Hollywood, where the only bad idea is one somebody hasn’t already copied before you.

“The Incredible HULK?” asked Norton. “I thought my agent said the Incredible HUNK!”

“I accidentally slurred my words, Ed,” explained Norton’s agent, Endeavor’s Brian Swardstrom, “but thanks to Courtney Love you should be used to that.”

“This is not Ang Lee’s Hulk,” explained Swardstrom, “it’s Lee Strasberg’s Hulk – Method Hulking.”

In consideration of their new leading man, Marvel Entertainment has agreed to change the title to The Incredibly Intense Hulk to better fit Ed’s image.

“I have plenty of motivation to turn green,” said Norton. “Nothing motivates like an empty wallet and a supporting role in a Matthew McConaughey’s romantic comedy.

Norton’s love interest will be Strasberg veteran Lee Grant.


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