Angelina and Brad fight dirty

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/06/05

headline_1181058346.jpgAngelina Jolie reportedly says when she dies she wants to be remembered as a humanitarian, not as an actress.

“That’s like remembering Charles Manson for his cologne,” said an incredulous Brad Pitt.

At this point, Brad and Angie shot each other angry glances and began throwing a variety of small Asian children at each other.

“You need to be humanitarianized, Brad,” Angie warned. Suddenly, she screamed “Go for the eyes!” to 5-year-old Maddox as she lifted him overhead and pitched him at Brad.


“You hit my good side!” said Brad, until he realized the inanity of trying to find one actual side of his face better than any other.

“Angie!” screamed her publicist, “Vietnamese toddler – incoming!”

“Shields up! Shields up!” screamed Jolie.



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