Filmmaker Mick Garris on Trailers from Hell

By Mark Ramsey | 2007/12/18

Who wouldn’t want to create a commentary on one of their favorite films – or at least the trailer?

Filmmaker Mick Garris talks about one of his pet projects, "Trailers from Hell."

Garris is the creator of Showtime's Masters of Horror series and a frequent collaborator with Stephen King. He's the producer of the film version of King's upcoming From a Buick 8.

I talked with Mick about Trailers and whether or not he knows King’s phone number by heart.

Check out the interview, it’s only ten minutes:

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I'm crazy for Trailers from Hell. Just short enough, just film-buff enough, just cheesy enough.

Here, for example, is Mick's take on the classic House on Haunted Hill:


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