MovieJuice is busy, busy, busy

By Mark Ramsey | 2008/07/11

Updates have been spotty lately because there’s a lot going on, and I want to give you a little preview.

First, I have recorded a demo pilot (can something be both a demo and a pilot?) for a show aimed at Public Radio. Both the interviews on that show and the whole show itself will soon find their way onto this site, so stay tuned.

My intention, of course, is not only to create a viable show concept that fills a wide-open hole, but also to showcase what I do to an audience that may not have heard or seen it before (what, you missed those five seconds on E! and VH1? But they were repeated a zillion times!).

Second, I will be making the scene at Comic-Con in a couple weeks. Working on a couple of different interview things and I will be partnering with the folks at KPBS-TV/Radio in San Diego to contribute some presumably stellar stuff to their soon-to-debut Comic-Con blog. They’re putting a lot of effort into this thing, and I expect it will be a tremendous attention magnet come Comic-Con time.

More info for you when the blog launches, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Sadly, KPBS nixed my initial idea, but at least gave it fair consideration. That was for me to suit up as Vlad the Impaler and conduct random “man on the street” interviews with a camera crew throughout the event.

There goes my chance to ask the stormtrooper why he didn’t dress up as a higher status Star Wars character.

This will be fun, gang, stay tuned.


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