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Twilight: New Moon – Caption This!

Juiced Star: Megan Fox

Megan Fox can’t understand why women hate her.

Gee, I wonder.

Could it be the way she wraps her tongue around what little dialogue she’s trusted with?

Could it be the quality of her performance as long – as that performance is aided by some tiny shorts?

Could it be the chance that she is already standing in line to do a musical duet with Pete Yorn?

“Talent,” Ms. Fox once said “is a four-letter word – like ‘primp.’”

Inside the BFCA Critics’ Choice Awards

It was a heckuva show, last week’s Critics’ Choice Awards in LA, brought to you by my friends at the Broadcast Film Critics Association. And it may be one of the only awards shows this season. Here are some red carpet highlights, courtesy of VH1: Here’s my “behind the scenes” story on the radio with […]

About MovieJuice

MovieJuice is Hollywood’s Movie Satire site. Spontaneously combusting from a team of clever but cracked writers and commentators, MovieJuice is dedicated to transforming the context of “movie reviews,” turning conventional reviews on their heads and making them squeal for mercy. MovieJuice is read by many of the most important folks in the movie business. Plus […]

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