Shutter Island – Caption This!

By Mark Ramsey | 2010/02/17



129 Responses to “Shutter Island – Caption This!”

  1. Chuck T-Bone says:

    “Pssst, buddy … wanna buy a watch? Genuine Roldex, no fakes, no foolin’!”

  2. Isabella B. says:

    Look Leo, I wasn’t trying to put you in that pissy PMS mood again…. I was simply stating that your tie is pretty ugly…
    Can you please look at me when I talk?

  3. Mr. Fun y says:

    “I don’t mean to sound like a badass, but I don’t eject my USB safely”

  4. Mr. Funman says:

    Lol ! So simple yet so funny

  5. nick says:

    seriously bro, when i get angry my power level is over 9000!!!

  6. George S says:

    Get ready for a bachelor party you wont forget, or remember or.. whatever.. lets party!

  7. Jon Brunetti says:

    What a bargain – Coat & hat – Buy one, get one free! Hmmm.

  8. I Need Help says:

    Dammit Mark, I just shart my pants. I would pick today to decide to free ball it.

  9. OG says:

    “Why haven’t I won an Oscar yet? O that’s right because I’m crazy….shit”

  10. Bob Pitman says:

    “You seemed distracted last night. Hey, let’s try that new KY lube we saw n TV.”

  11. Johnny says:

    I don’t make the rules in this town. I don’t know why gray fedoras aren’t cool.

  12. Jay Norris says:

    Jack, draw me like one of your french girls.

  13. Andy Duncan says:

    Is That Cop Checking out Leo’s Ass ??

  14. john says:

    is it just me or is he watching us

  15. mark laven says:

    my hat is better than yours

  16. paul says:

    Is that snot down your shirt ?

  17. BRIAN says:

    Don’t look now, where being followed.

  18. Steve C. says:

    We really smell like smokers, no denying it.

  19. smellnoirlater says:

    Did I say an enema, I am sorry i meant lobotomy, i always get those two confused.

  20. Patrick says:

    You do realise how ridiculous your tie is buddy?

  21. will ragland says:

    “you know that cop behinds us is wondering how you got away with the titanic disaster. Their saying you were on the ice chunk and the dame froze to death…tsk tsk tsk”.

  22. Sara says:

    Tell me, did my totem fall, or is it still spinning..?

  23. Dekko says:



  24. Daniel says:

    Why you staring at my face and not the decapitated giant?

  25. GalicianMan says:

    “Don’t look now. Leo, but I think that policeman wants to bite your butt”

  26. henk says:

    see that cop behide you.
    he is looking in your asssss

  27. x says:

    You really thought you were gonna win this time, eh?

  28. Kal V. says:

    “The hell’s that sadistic guard from The Shawshank Redemption doing here?”

  29. Zoom says:

    I told you no-one would take you seriously with that tie

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