Jake Gyllenhaal is Ambiguously Straight

By Mark Ramsey | 2010/07/06

Hollywood Publicist Richard Laermer

Richard Laermer is a Hollywood Publicist extraordinaire and fame-maker to the stars (and to regular folks, too).

Listen as Richard and I dish on the gender preferences of Jake Gyllenhaal.  Do women repel him? Does he look straight or not?  Is he or is he not with Reese “Motherspoon”?  And why IS he “growing his beard”?

And what about Richard’s close personal friend Ariana Huffington – who would be a movie star if only we could understand a word she said and if she could say it without sing-songing it.  Marvel as we ask the provocative question:  Which cast-member of Gilligan’s Island is Ariana: Ginger or MaryAnn – or perhaps the Professor?

That and more on this episode of All Things Considered from National Lunatic Radio.



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