A Spine-Tingling conversation with Terry Castle

By Mark Ramsey | 2010/09/06

She’s the daughter of legendary Hollywood producer and director William Castle, the mad genius of movie hokum who had skeletons sliding across movie houses on strings (an attraction he called “Emergo!”) and buzzers under seats to simulate the tingle of a giant caterpillar along your spine (“Percepto!”).

(And did you know that Castle is available now – beyond the grave – thanks to Facebook?)

She was bounced on the leg of Joan Crawford and has the photo to prove it. Never mind that Joan never would have had anything human on her leg if the paparazzi were not present for the shot.

She was on-set as the great Vincent Price (“Vinnie”) chewed up scenery like it was a gourmet meal.

She was the only kid I know whose dad gave her a charm based on the theme of each of his movies.  Charms shaped like an ax, anyone?

Yes, I’m talking about the shockingly well-adjusted Terry Castle.

Listen as Terry and I swap horror-kid stories and as she expresses profound sympathies for my wife who has to put up with it all even today.

Whether or not you remember cinematic B-movie horror essentials like House on Haunted Hill, 13 Ghosts, and The Tingler, you will enjoy this conversation.

Especially if a thrill runs down your spine whenever a head rolls into a scene and looks like it was manufactured by Cub Scouts on craft day.

Thank you, Tingler!

And thank you Terry Castle!

Enjoy this audio:


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