About MovieJuice

by Mark Ramsey
Published November 20th, 2009

MovieJuice is Hollywood’s Movie Satire site.

Spontaneously combusting from a team of clever but cracked writers and commentators, MovieJuice is dedicated to transforming the context of “movie reviews,” turning conventional reviews on their heads and making them squeal for mercy.

MovieJuice is read by many of the most important folks in the movie business. Plus lots of knuckleheads like you and me. Roger Ebert picked MovieJuice as one of the net’s top twenty movie sites, ranking it second in the category “Online Outlaws” – right behind Harry Knowles and Ain’t It Cool News.

MovieJuice content has been featured at AOL, AskMen.com, and Encore Magazine.

About MovieJuice editor/head writer, Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey a writer and comic performer living in the shadow of Hollywood. And MovieJuice is his platform.

Against all odds, Ramsey is a board member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the nation’s largest film critics organization.

Ramsey has been one of those unfamiliar guys in featured segments on both E! and VH1. He has also been featured in live segments on both MSNBC and CNN.

Contact Ramsey at mramsey@moviejuice.com.

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